Meet Our Designers


Hi! I'm Aubree. I'm the owner and started 3C Floral in loving memory of our daughter, and big sister, Cadee Bug. I have been in the interior design industry for nearly 20 years and absolutely love working with fresh flowers!

Having learned from the best in the business, we design the most exquisite, elegant & stunning arrangements in the area. I'm positive we can design your perfect arrangement, too!

I really love our shop, and I love the community we're located in and that's why we are proud to say that our family-owned shop is located in Spanish Fork. Most important of all, we feel overjoyed with the same love and support given back to us by serving in this great community!

Don't be afraid to come in and see me; I promise, I won't bite.


Hey, I’m Julia. I'm a manager at 3C Floral. I’ve been in the floral business for about 2 years and have worked with multiple, different shops.

I also am a full time student with a focus on a lot of stuff. Mostly, I just want the world to understand that our sandy beaches didn't just pop up from under the earth!

Thanks for taking time to read about me. If you give me the link, I'll also read about YOU, but not in a stalker kind of way. Toodles!


Hey you cats and kittenz. I'm Sommer, kinda like the season but just not spelled the same. I really enjoy making anything that allows me to hide a spy-cam in it, like a splendiferous flower arrangement! I've been playing with flowers all my life, but it's been only in the last 3 years that I figured out the camera thing, which is great!

One time, I got in trouble in elementary school because I caught my principal stealing the kid's bagged lunches.

So, if you have or know of any people that are stuck in the JOINT, just let me know cause I might know of some people on the inside *wink *wink.

Have a great day, kinda like a Sommer day, hehe!


Hey. I'm Buddy.

I work here. I dig flowers.